At the Lumed Dental Surgery we perform all dental treatments but we place special emphasis on endodontics, prosthetics and aesthetics.


Veneers are thin ceramic shells that are attached only to the front of teeth. They can be used to correct the shape and colour of teeth to create the ‘perfect’ smile.

Veneers are only around 0.3 mm or less in thickness. They are cemented onto the tooth enamel and for this reason tooth preparation is minimal.

However the preconditions for veneers are both narrow and strict. They can only be mounted on healthy teeth that do not have fillings or enamel loss. Veneers are not considered ideal for patients with bruxism or who grind their teeth.

There are several different types of ceramic veneers that each possess different aesthetic properties and an ability to mimic natural teeth. Which type will be used depends on the patient’s wishes, i.e. whether they want them to be more opaque or transparent, that is to say whiter and more able to transmit light like a natural tooth.


  1. An examination is required to determine whether a patient is a candidate for veneers and what his/her wishes are. In order that a therapy plan can be fine-tuned to cater for the smallest detail, a smile design should be made to stimulate the shape of veneers in a patient’s mouth to get visual representation and additionally make corrections.
  2. Grinding (minimal) of teeth, moulding and production of provisional veneers.
  3. Cementing of veneers.

The Lumed Dental Surgery has invested a great deal into patient satisfaction, and veneers are only cemented once a patient is 100% satisfied.

If any corrections are necessary, in cooperation with our technician everything is possible. Also, in cases of highly aesthetic work, the cooperation with highly skilled dental technicians is extremely important to ensure that such individual work is ideal for the patient.

Examples of our works: