At the Lumed Dental Surgery we perform all dental treatments but we place special emphasis on endodontics, prosthetics and aesthetics.

When there is irreversible damage to the dental nerve due to caries, trauma or some other cause, it is necessary to endodontically cure the tooth in order to keep it.

Otherwise, inflammation of the dental nerve (pulpitis) occurs, which progresses to the root area and develops periapical inflammation, a granuloma or a cyst. Pronounced throbbing pains, swelling and fistula occur.

When this happens and if the condition is not treated, the outcome is extraction. For this reason, it is very important to treat the endodontic tooth well.

The techniques of endodontic therapy are numerous, and which one we will apply depends on the anatomy and diagnosis of the tooth.

We are equipped with the highest quality materials and devices and use rotary and reciprocal machine techniques with ultrasonic canal irrigation and three-dimensional filling.

After completion, the success of the therapy is confirmed by an X-ray in the doctor’s office, followed by a short conversation in which the entire procedure, results and expected outcomes after the therapy are explained to the patient.