At the Lumed Dental Surgery we perform all dental treatments but we place special emphasis on endodontics, prosthetics and aesthetics.


When there is irreversible damage to the dental nerve due to caries, trauma or some other cause, it is necessary to endodontically cure the tooth in order to keep it.

Otherwise, inflammation of the dental nerve (pulpitis) occurs, which progresses to the root area and develops periapical inflammation, a granuloma or a cyst. Pronounced throbbing pains, swelling and fistula occur. When this happens and if the condition is not treated, the outcome is extraction. For this reason, it is very important to treat the endodontic tooth well.


Tooth loss is one of the most unpleasant consequences of caries, trauma or neglect of dental health.

The loss of teeth, either one or more, brings with it functional problems, primarily related to chewing and speech. In addition, the aesthetics of the smile, but also of the entire lower third of the face, is greatly impaired, which affects self-confidence and the quality of life in general.

Fortunately, with today’s technology, as well as the knowledge and experience of doctors, such things can be solved without problems.



dr. Hanžek is professional, patient, meticulous and, above all, a perfectionist in her work.
Tooth saved from extraction by endodontics.
The approach of both the nurse and the doctor is so positive that there is no stress from the dental chair
Recommendations to everyone.
Marina H.

The surgery is modern and superbly equipped, impeccably clean and tidy, the atmosphere is pleasantly relaxed.
Always greeted on time and on time, without waiting.
And the most important thing, excellent service with professional staff, Dr. Hanžek is professional and extremely meticulous in her work, patient, she works hard until the result of her work is excellent.
In addition to all that, the prices are very fair and acceptable.
Practice for every recommendation!

Mišel K.

Thank you to Dr. Luka and her assistant for their professionalism and kindness, she is very careful, quick and cares a lot about the patient, so all the recommendations!♥️

Jelena G.

Professional and quality work,
I’d recommend Lumed clinic.

Majd Z.