At the Lumed Dental Surgery we perform all dental treatments but we place special emphasis on endodontics, prosthetics and aesthetics.

Lumed is a private dental surgery that first opened its doors in 2022. We offer dental services across all branches of dentistry, including endodontics, prosthetics and aesthetics.

Luka Hanžek, Doctor of Dental Medicine, is the owner and founder of the surgery. She graduated from Zagreb University’s Faculty of Dentistry in 2012, after which she gained experience at the Varaždin Health Centre and six years of work at a private dental surgery.

Driven by a desire to progress and improve services, at the beginning of 2022 she opened her own private health facility ‘Lumed’ in Varaždin.

She has continuously improved her qualifications through domestic and foreign study programmes, placing a special emphasis on endodontics, prosthetics and aesthetics.

Aiming to improve even further, she enrolled onto the two-year postgraduate Master’s Study Programme in Advanced Orthodontics at the University of Siena, Italy. She has identified continuous investment in education and modern technology as the only way to progress.